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The DecaturWISE rebate program has it’s first Trailblazer, and we just had to shout it from the rooftops!  DecaturWISE is a brand new program designed to help residents improve the efficiency of their homes and save money by receiving up to $3,200 in rebates.   The first 50 participants are being given special recognition on [...]
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The Mexican government said the arrest of "The Monkey Mndez" was a final blow to the cartel's leadership. The cartel is known for its decapitation of foes and for selling drugs by the ton.read more
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Singer-songwriter Justin Vernon discusses his writing process, the growth of the band and the controversy surrounding "Beth/Rest," the last track on Bon Iver's new album.read more
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Frank Deford remarks on the evolution of the word "goat." What used to be an insult might now be the highest compliment in sports.read more
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High school students from around Georgia have converged on CNN Center at the Georgia Tech campus for the sixth annual Leadership Unplugged: A CNN Experience for a weeklong series of training sessions and discussions focused on media literacy. CNN Worldwide and the 21st Century Leaders are hosting t the diverse group of high school juniors and seniors selected from a competitive pool of applicants from across the state.Each workshop will be a dynamic, interactive experience led by CNN executives and journalists, including the CNN Student News staff. The presentations and workshops will focus on a wide range of topics including diversity, ethics in media, and audience engagement.The curriculu
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Tensions are running high for many immigrants in Georgia illegally as we approach the final hurdle to passing a law allowing police officers to inquire as to someone's immigration status. The AJC ran a good article on Sunday highlighting some of the people who could be affected. Click here to read it.  It is surprising that the AJC published the names of several people here illegally as well as details regarding where they work and attend school.It is said that next to Gwinnett, DeKalb has the most immigrants.  Georgia tracks the number of students enrolled as English-language learners and DeKalb has 9,329 (and 187 ESOL teachers). Many of those who are here illegally are planning
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Atlanta PD rolls out state-of-the-art police cars while we push ours to the side of the road.Where are our new cars anyway?
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Some of you have noted in comments that Mayor Bill Floyd’s house has had a “For Sale” sign out front for a couple weeks, and more recently has an “Under Contract” sign slapped on top of it.Mayor Floyd confirms that he and his wife are trying to sell their West Ponce house and plan on [...]
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We are just a few days away from the election of our new District 1 DeKalb County ...

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