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From the AJCDeKalb County Schools will contract with a college or university to conduct an employee compensation study this fall, Interim Superintendent Ramona Tyson announced Monday. From 2003-05, the district hired Ernst & Young to conduct a compensation study that was inconclusive. Tyson said the district at the time opted to halt the study before it was complete, and that numbers recently released from the study were only estimates and misleading.http://www.ajc.com/news/dekalb/dekalb-schools-to-take-940593.html
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From DeKalb Police via CrimeMapping.comCHCA Boardread more
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The commissioners, on the hills of learning Wiz Miller has a hard time showing up for work, eliminated his postion of director of public safety claiming, amoung other things, it would save the county money.Burrell Ellis, in his typical fashion of putting friends before taxpayers, appointed Wiz to director of the emergency 911 center. Now the commissioners have approved a deputy director postion in the E911 center along with an administrative assistant.The county is broke, and facing a 25 million dollar defict. Rumors are abound of furlough days. Yet the commissioners believe the function of the county government is job creation.Why does Wiz need a deputy director? To do his job while he is
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Judd sends in this picture from Church Street in Decatur yesterday afternoon and wonders if its a “glimpse of the future”.
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I spent a couple hours walking up and down Main Street in Dunwoody this past Sunday, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Dunwoody Arts Festival. Aside from the Independence Day parade, nothing creates more foot and bike traffic to the village (not even the forced 'Walk to Government School', aka WALGS can match it).  Lots of people buying stuff, lots of people just walking around. copper tubing with old silver plated serving piecesa clever artist decorated this building to look like an old, abandoned gas stationa show favorite, upcycled plastic forming a flowerall was safe on Main Street I'm no art critic, but it seems the majority of stuff on display was small, folk art type st
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The Dekalb Farmers Market produces a variety of specialty products that are all-natural and preservatives-free.
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Delta Air Lines Inc. is offering a variety of new items, including mixed drinks, on its EATS food-for-sale menu.New items include a kids plate, which features a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread, apple wedges, grapes, carrot and celery sticks and ranch dressing for $4.50; Vanilla and Cherry Garcia flavored Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for $2.50 on lunch or dinner flights longer than 1,800 miles beginning June 1; Wrigley's 5 Rain, a tingling spearmint flavor for $2 beginning June 1; Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, which combines Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey with honey liqueur best served with ginger ale or Sprite for $7 beginning June 1; and Margaritaville Margarita Mix, which
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