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I took these pics a while back, not knowing whether this was old news or not, but this month’s Decatur Focus (not yet online) notes that the Task Force for Global Health will be expanding their location on Swanton Way starting this summer.   So I guess that means it’s pretty topical!  If I had [...]
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The Dixie Beeliners were voted 'Best of 2006' by Bluegrass Now.
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Cable and wire maker Superior Essex Inc. deepened its relationship with two Japanese manufacturers.Atlanta-based Superior Essex said Tuesday its Essex Group Inc. unit bought the assets of Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. and American Furukawa Inc. that sell and distribute winding wire (magnet wire) in the United States.Michael McIlwain, Essex senior vice president of sales and marketing:“With the technical resources of Superior Essex, this is a unique opportunity to extend our market leadership position globally in hybrid and electric vehicle technologies in partnership with the Japanese Tier I automotive component...
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Lillie Cox, the one-time front-runner to lead DeKalb Schools, was hired Monday as superintendent of Alamance-Burlington Schools, a North Carolina district where she used to work.
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Belinda Grant-Anderson named Possible Woman of Year. Marj Barlow is Woman of Inspiration. Scholarships presented to five deserving women.
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Alpharetta has been ranked the No. 2 city in the country for dating single moms.
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Carroll Organization announces the addition of Linda Masterson as Regional Vice President, as well as other management changes.
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The Georgia Department of Labor is launching a month-long effort to help job seekers improve their chances for employment that focuses on resumes.
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