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Walgreens in Dunwoody Village - OPEN
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With threat of an  ice storm tonight, arriving three days prior to a 60 degree Saturday, many people have gone into full panic mode.  Gas, food, and alcohol seem to top most lists.  Here are a few tips:GASThe BP across from Dunkin Donuts has larger storage tanks for fountain drinks than gas.  They ran out of gas during IceJam #1 two weeks ago, an they ran out temporarily yesterday afternoon.  The BP and Chevron are close, but capacity is low.  The Costco was packed by 9:30 AM on Monday.  Costco clientele is all about stocking up, so expect long lines.Monday 10 AM, all lanes six cars deep, at leastCostco is in Perimeter.  Lots of people shopping f
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In a classic game of 'what you can do I can do better' the Feds, via GA Power will take out 100x more trees in Dunwoody over the next 90 days.  Dunwoody Parkway trees?  Brook Run trees?  Neither of these two events will come close in volume to the number of trees that will soon be cut.According to well-placed source it's new Federal guidelines to blame.  An open records request by DunwoodyTalk showed no evidence of emails to FERC by Dunwoody's  mayor, council, or city manager suggesting new guidelines for tree height on transmission lines for the United States.  According to sources, any tree or shrub that has the potential to grow 15 feet or higher, and is now
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 Dunwoody Police Car Officer of the Year, Officer of the Second Quarter and Meritorious Service Medal: Officer Anthony ‘Kerry’ Stallings- On May 23, 2013 Officer Stallings responded to a call for service at the Manhattan Condominiums. Upon the officer’s arrival, he observed a woman standing on the fifth floor of a parking deck, having placed herself over the protective barrier of the garage, apparently preparing to commit suicide by jumping to her death. Officer Stallings immediately made his way to the fifth floor where he found the woman crying while standing with her feet halfway off the nine inch ledge. At this point, the officer began speaking with the woman and after several
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Thanks to everyone for the feedback on the Adventures of Ice.  Please know there were a couple other buddies (without blogs) hauling people around as well.  I'm not sure if the Dunwoody Police ATV saw action or not.  All officers were probably in cars (warmer and safer).  Next time perhaps Chief Grogan can hand the keys to the ATV to someone willing to drive around and haul people.  I know Sandy Springs (much larger department) has a decent sized citizen volunteer program.  Maybe Chief can make the ATV posse honorary volunteers or something like that, allowing one to operate the DPD ATV.  This ATV may have seen action this week, perhaps in another part of
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When many people acquire a new possession they often name said possession.  Babies fall into this category, as do pets.  Some people name their cars and trucks, and probably bicycles.  I acquired an Arctic Cat ATV a while ago, but never named it.  It's been to deer camp many times.  It's taken the kids for a short spin around the yard. It's been hauled on a trailer for many miles.  It's a 1999 Arctic Cat and its name new name is ICE.  ICEICE ran hard yesterday for nearly 12 hours, starting at 2 PM on January 28, and not stopping (except for refueling) until I shut him down at 1:30 AM on January 29.  Just two months ago this old beast would have stalle
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The City of Dunwoody, in conjunction with DeKalb County, the City of Sandy Springs, and Sandy Springs CERT are warning residents that the possibility of snow and freezing rain exists for Tuesday, January 28, 2014.First, please be advised that the Ace Hardware on Dunwoody Parkway BikeWay has a large stock of sleds.  They have the round disc and the traditional long sleigh style.  I suggest opting for the traditional long sled, not the disc.  Make sure you have a rope or some para cord to attach to said sled because your kids are probably too lazy to pick it up and carry it (and pulling is easier anyway).  No returns on sleds so choose wisely.  Don't get the 'runner'
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Thanks to the Great Mark Elgart for taking his boot off the neck of the children of DeKalb.  Of course his boot placement shifted to the torso, relieving some pressure but letting us know he still owns us.The Great Mark Elgart announces the DeKalb accreditation upgrade just as the General Assembly gathers at the Gold Dome. Will legislators be fooled into thinking all is well in DeKalb simply because Elgart says so?  Classrooms are still overcrowded, textbooks in demand, and the best teachers flee annually.DeKalb voters need to know Elgart runs our school system now, not Thurmond and the Board.
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