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Thanks to the Great Mark Elgart for taking his boot off the neck of the children of DeKalb.  Of course his boot placement shifted to the torso, relieving some pressure but letting us know he still owns us.The Great Mark Elgart announces the DeKalb accreditation upgrade just as the General Assembly gathers at the Gold Dome. Will legislators be fooled into thinking all is well in DeKalb simply because Elgart says so?  Classrooms are still overcrowded, textbooks in demand, and the best teachers flee annually.DeKalb voters need to know Elgart runs our school system now, not Thurmond and the Board.
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The aha! lady alerted us to the opening of Cafe at Pharr at Dunwoody so we headed over today.  A nice soup and sandwich on a cold rainy day is always a great idea so the DunwoodyTalk staff and some home-schooled kid headed that way.Service was quick.  We had our drinks within 90 seconds of sitting down.  We ordered and had food within 5 minutes.  The menu is the same as other locations - soups, salads, and sandwiches.The layout is the same as when this space was My Friend's Place - a walk up counter and tables with chairs.  If you are taking food out, go to the counter.  If dining in, have a seat at the table.The lunch options in downtown Dunwoody keep
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Do we have a new controversy brewing in Dunwoody?  Take a look at Kerry's blog here:http://www.kerry4dunwoody.com/2014/01/heads-up-dunwoody-club-forest.htmlAt issue is tearing down a house, dividing the lot in two, and building two new homes. The new lots meet the 15,000 sq foot rule. Now that District  2 has a new representative on council perhaps Dunwoody Club Forest homeowners should contact him.  Also, will Save Dunwoody get involved? Surely trees will be cut, and deer will lose crucial rose bushes as a food source. Will we have requests for a bike lane in front of these newly zoned lots?It's a new year, and like clockwork, new issues. 
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Dunwoody Talk took note earlier in the week when Sen. Fran Millar posted this status on his Facebook page and on Twitter: Now, Fran has been around for a long time so he must understand the positions they’ve (GBPI, Georgia Budget & Policy Institute) advocated for over the years.  He must know where they get their funding (liberal George Soros).  He has to be familiar with their political leanings (extreme left agenda).  After all, GBPI has been working hand-in-hand with left leaning groups like FACE IT Cobb and EmpowerED Georgia.  GBPI’s reports are being used by FACE It Cobb and some of their school board members as the basis to oppose Gov. Deal.   As rep
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Monday, Dec. 23 and Tuesday, Dec. 24 solid waste and recycling will be picked up on the regular schedule. The City will be closed Wednesday, Dec. 25 & Thursday, Dec. 26 so regular solid waste and recycling for both Thursday, and Friday will be on Friday, Dec. 27. New Year’s Day is on Wednesday, Jan. 1 so […]
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I heard some chatter the other night at a political function - look for Brookhaven to build a dog park at Blackburn Park.  Of course Brookhaven has double the park space plus community centers.  And more importantly parks in Brookhaven are actually designed for human use.  Murphy Candler sees thousands of active kids during the summer and fall.  A new dog park has opened in Atlanta, just a short drive for those using Vernon Jones dog park in Brook Run.The wooded pocket park with a picturesque downtown skyline view has been transformed into District 2’s latest amenity, an off-leash dog park with designated areas for small and large dogs—the first such facility in
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Over in District 2 there is a desert.  This desert serves many purposes environmentally, politically and socially.  On the social side, the desert separates the Strawberry Festival kids of Village Mill from the aquatically gifted Vikings of Vermack.  Many brave youngsters have tried to shortcut it from the Village Mill tennis courts to the Vermack pool, never to be heard from again.  In regards to the environment, the desert serves many purposes.  The openness allows for many to get their 'shine on.  Haymitch Abernathy (along with his sidekick GRB) is said to hang out here a good bit, until Katniss tracks him down.  The stream flowing through the prop
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