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Renewals by Andersen is the sponsor for June 26.The Action Jackson Band is the musical entertainment for June 26https://www.facebook.com/actionjacksonbandDinner Vendors for June 26Freckled & BlueIbizaMighty MeatballsMovable FeastSokofoodWOWPressed for Time YumbiiFry GuyDessert vendors for June 26Ali's CookiesKing Of PopsYum Yum CupcakesVintage Custard
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Due to nasty weather last week a few teams had two meets this week.Redfield 420  Zaban  315The Redfield Sun Devils picked up a win on Monday night, defeating the JCC's Zaban Sharks.  It was a packed house at the pool and for parking.  Redfield moves to 1-2 on the season. Roxboro 490  Redfield  301Redfield hosted back-to-back swim meets this week.  Lots of work for the parent volunteers.  Roxboro takes care of business.  It was the last home meet of the season, and in swim team tradition, the seniors were honored.  A good time for all involved.  Redfield finishes the season next week at Kingsley.Kingsley 440  Brittany Club 352K
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Sandy SpringsOver in Sandy Springs this weekend at the wonderful Morgan Falls park, the Sandy Springs Youth Sports program hosts 15 teams from metro Atlanta for a baseball tournament.  The 9 and Under District 4 tournament will be played on fields 1 & 2.  Head over to Sandy Springs for some all-star action.Sandy SpringsOf course this park hosts softball for girls as well.Murphey Canlder BaseballIf you have kids interested in youth sports check out the leagues at Murphey Candler in Brookhaven, Sandy Springs Youth Sports in Sandy Springs, or the link HERE. Atlanta Colts information HERE.BrookhavenBrookhaven Dunwoody's parkDunwoody does have a very nice playground at Brook r
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Tuesday Nights in Dunwoody The 2014 Summer Swim Schedule kicks off May 27, 2014.  Dunwoody North: No home meets.  We believe this has something to do with the height of their starting blocks and the depth of their pool. No extra concession stand revenue and five Tuesday nights in the car.Fontainebleu: Tough schedule.  Hard to find a win, perhaps Week 5.Georgetown: Undefeated last season so their 2014 schedule is much tougher.  They start with perennial powerhouse Vermack then SuperClub team Garden Hills, followed by The Branches.  Kingsley:  Looks like a 3-2 season.  Will Princess Comet and Captain Kingsley show up in thong swim suits? Mill Glen:
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In the spirit of hard-working Dunwoody folk, Captain Kingsley has captured the crown of Dunwoody City Manager.  Captain Kingsley replaces Warren officially on April 26.  "I'm honored to become the city's 2nd ever City Manager.  I look forward to leading our city in a safe and healthy direction.  Annual pay raises and a car allowance are also nice perks not currently enjoyed by yours truly," said a tearful Captain Kingsley.  "My first order of business will be backyard poultry, followed by Walk to Council Meeting Mondays."Warren, packing his bags for Johns Creek added, "Captain Kingsley's background in fitness, reading, and producing fancy multi-media productions sui
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GaryRayBetz versus Danny911RossGRB punched the time clock early Saturday to head over to outdoor court at the Donaldson-Chesnut-Spruill-Redfield-Major Dunwoody farm house wedding reception center abandoned park outdoor court for his game against Danny911Ross.  GRB placed 4th in the last mayoral election, slightly behind Gordon Jackson.  In an interview with DunwoodyTalk cub reporter Bonnie Hunt, GRB said, "I love drama more than victory.  But only Crown Royal is sweeter than victory." Danny rolled up in the Lemonade Days Limo, coat slung over his shoulder ever so slightly, sipping sweet tea mixed with a little Louisiana moon shine.  "I feel good about tonight's game.&nbs
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We started with 32 unqualified candidates, and now we are down to our Final Four from that group.  Many great memories and new friendships have been brought to life. "I have made peace with teams in the Blogger League and members of the At Large bracket..  I will even ride the Ferris wheel at Lemonade Days with anyone from the BigWestFarmHouzer league," said @dwoodycommunity.  StayHarris of the DHA said, "We saw a 1% bump in new memberships thanks to the feel-good vibe of the tournament."As we preview the Final Four of March City Manager Madness it stands out that 3 of the #1 seeds have advanced to the Final Four.  "I give full credit to our selection committee.  Af
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GRB defeats Chip In our Battle of the Wordsmiths, sponsored by Merriam-Webster, we had one of the most interesting match-ups this tournament.  For those of you newer Dunwoody residents, GaryRay, aka GRB, is a Dunwoody guy relocated from Chicago.  He likes to comment on the local blogs and maintains Dunwoody's only copperhead habitat.  His poetic skills are known from here to Doraville to distant lands such as Hiram and Waycross.  He is related, we believe, to fellow blog commenter 'Daughter of the Poet' and is arch rival of 'Rob', formerly a commenter on DunwoodyPatch. Chip is yet another blog commenter, and a part-time junior editor/contributor to DunwoodyTalk.  I
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