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Stan Jester will be our new school board rep here in Dunwoody.  Stan will not take office for approximately ten months due to Georgia's / DeKalb's insane election calendar. All six other school board districts have three or more candidates for spots.See here for those qualifying name:http://web.co.dekalb.ga.us/voter/pdf/Nonpartisan.pdfCongrats, Stan. On behalf of taxpayers and parents across DeKalb we wish you success on the Board.  And we all hope your presence and watchful eye will be of benefit to the students, teachers, and taxpayers in DeKalb.
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The folks of 'Lakeside' get a win, as does Senator Fran Millar, as SB 270 passes the Georgia Senate.  Jason Carter walks out on the Lakeside city vote, then cries and complains about the process.  In the end Fran gives the young Dem a GA civics lesson. Carter spoke against the Bill and registered a NO vote with Recorder. You can hear Fran HERE.  You can read Carter's response HERE.From PATCH    Carter:  "There was no reason for the state Senate to take up this bill.  The only reason it was taken up was because it was a personal issue on behalf of one Senator.  It is 100% a pass because we had one Senator who wanted to see it and he happened to
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North Atlanta Preschool will host a Community Showcase & Festivities on Saturday, March 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in and around the Family Enrichment Center.Make plans to join us for a fun-filled day! We’ll have live music, a petting zoo, bounce houses, pony rides, face painting, food trucks, a craft fair, and much more!Admission is free of charge!(Pony rides and the petting zoo will each have a $5 charge)The address is 5676 Roberts Dr, Dunwoody.
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A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night for discussions on the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody Road, Spender, and Spalding Drive.  Hopefully city council will act quickly before someone is killed.  The intersection is known to be hazardous and everyone needs to be cautious when driving at this location.The good news is that those involved in today's accident seemed to be without major injuries.  Air bags deployed and both seemed to have been wearing seat belts. Also, the Dunwoody police responded quickly and got out of their cars and kept cars moving through one of the city's busiest east/west corridors.  The accident blocked most of the intersection but an offic
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Everyone in the Dirty South knows not to wear white before Memorial Day, not to wear a backwards ball cap in church, and not to wear stripes during redistricting.  Here are the maps presented by the DeKalb Delegation (the elected State Senators and House Representatives from DeKalb County).  If these jokers were not elected officials but instead Pre-K students this would be funny.  The DeKalb school board spent the majority of their recent retreat not discussing children or teachers, but how to get reelected.  Their retreat focused on maps and lines and trying to get each other back in office.  Remember, the FIRST action of this elected appointed school board was to
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The intersection of Spalding and Chamblee Dunwoody Road is usually littered with broken car lights and miscellaneous fender parts.  The specialty at this location is the classic T-bone.  Yesterday's T-bone special involved a motorcycle.  Not good.
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There is a new trend in the world of hair cutting.  Instead of working at a traditional beauty parlor (salon is the new terminology), hair stylists are renting rooms/space in a mega salon.  A new salon just opened in Dunwoody, in the Wal-Mart shopping center on Ashford Dunwoody Road.  It is beside Jason's Deli.Nikki has been cutting hair for a few years in Dunwoody and has 'opened' her own place here in Dunwoody.  You can book online at www.salonlofts.com and choose Perimeter Village.  I suggest calling or texting Nikki direct at 404*596*3756.
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The Federal Government's attempt to rid millions of trees and shrubs from electrical transmission lines is in full swing in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs.  The picture below was taken on Spalding Drive, close to Chamblee Dunwoody Road intersection.  Shrubs and small trees (with no prayer to get even close to the power lines, even if fed Miracle Grow for the next 20 years) were removed as if they were towering Redwoods.  The end result is a reduced tree canopy, less habitat for wildlife, but an awesome view of a barren landscape hosting tall steel structures (where have we heard these words before?).  A little discretion could be made, but apparently not an option.  No
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