Just as in Dallas, Bolton once again is facing a serious problem. Instead of his Narcotics Squad sitting up and prosecuting Hispanics with fake cocaine (DALLAS AT THE TIPPING POINT), now it’s his Vice Squad. Vice Detective Anthony Robinson is caught on video pocketing cash and lottery tickets. He has been arrested and is being held on $20,000.00 dollar bond. The question is; how long has this been going on and how many people are involved? It would not be surprising to find more than one vice detective involved. Nor would it be surprising to find Bolton trying to cover up how deep this may run. Problem is, when people are faced with a lengthy prison term, especially police officers, they tend to talk. If this is the case, will Major Craddock continue to kiss the ring of Bolton and become tangled in the web, or will he do what is right? Is the rank of Major and being loyal to a loser such a Bolton more important than honor, duty, family? Gwen Keyes Fleming, the county District Attorney should call for a special investigation by the G.B.I. and/or the F.B.I. Until the matter is fully investigated, every vice detective should be reassigned until cleared. One bad apple does spoil the bunch. Stand back and watch Bolton deny any investigation is needed. If the D.A. requests an investigation, watch Bolton obstruct it. Just as in Dallas. The Madness Continues

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