NASA learned something long ago that many citizens and civic groups have yet to master - we are better at setting priorities as a group than as individuals. I first learn this lesson in grad school. As part of an organizational behavior exercise, my classmates and I were introduced to what was called "NASA's Guide to Surviving a Crash on the Moon." In this team simulation groups are provided a list of available materials that remain at a crash site on the moon. Teams must develop a priority list of the crash site items that they will take with them in an evacuation scenario with time and weight constraints. Each team member also maintains their own private list reflecting their personal prioritization. Then, the lists are compared against the list prepared by NASA experts in space survival. Invariably, the group-generated lists compare better against the NASA experts' list. The lesson is that while we may not make better or more efficient decisions as groups, we certainly seem to prioritize better in groups. This dynamic is captured by Community Radar. As an open community site, we collectively determine the priority (value) of community and civic information and only the items we "need to survive" end up at the top of our daily headlines. So put on your space suit and help your crew survive! Judge items posted on Community Radar for their value to the community and vote for them with one simple click. This small act by each of us can help all of us be informed of the most important items in our communities. Just so you know, no matter what the groups or the experts say I'm taking the Orange TANG ... By the way, if you like the idea of this team game for a team building exercise, you can download a kit from a British training company for FREE here.

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