Lots of local folks will be glad come Wednesday morning.  No more robocalls, campaign literature, or meet and greets with candidates.  48 hours from this posting and it will be all done - the 2010 primary election that is.

I've heard there have been lots of robocalls lately.  I don't have a home phone so I guessed I missed out on all that.  Not having a home phone has been nice for the past few years.  I know there are some concerns regarding 911 service via mobile phones and the possibility that satellites could fail - I'll take my chances.

Tuesday's big election is for senator.  Sibold versus Millar versus Duffie.  As mentioned before, Sibold is hoping to keep Fran Millar from less than 50%, forcing a runoff.  Duffie's a nice guy, but he lacks the name recognition and the deep pockets needed to win this type of race.  Duffie will get some votes, but will he be taking from Fran or James' base?

Fran is the more popular man in the election, but not the most conservative.  He'll carry Dunwoody city limits easily, but it's the non-Dunwoody votes he's concerned about.  He should do OK in the Peachtree Corners area.  Will that be enough?

I've been getting messages regarding endorsements regarding this race.  Some have questioned the validity of endorsements for Millar in a recent article in The Crier. I'm told a robocall regarding endorsements (or lack there of) was sent out this weekend as well.  Not sure who is to blame.  Questions regarding endorsements have also touched the Tammy vs. Taylor race.

Endorsements are a double-edged sword, so they say.  The higher up in office (president, US Congress) the fewer endorsements you give.  Never know when an endorsement can come back to haunt you.  The local political folks do lots of endorsing.  Endorsing each other helps keep the status quo - until the status quo is a tarnished thing.  Then look for people to hide from certain endorsements.  When If  I ran for office, not sure I'd get many FarmHouser endorsements.  I would carry all the votes from my Fantasy Football league, maybe my wife's vote, Kent Tekulve, part of he Chicken Posse, maybe Farmer Bob (unless I continue making fun of his sorry Rutger tomatoes), and the people whom I gave Smoker Bags.  After that, I'd need to do some of those robocalls, meet n greets, and then claim to have endorsements from Elias Redfield, Stephen T Spruill, Major Charles Dunwoody, Roswell King, and The Chicken Whisperer.

Endorsements have meaning, and some people (as they should be) are very protective of their claimed endorsements.  Have endorsements mattered in this race?  If a certain council member or famous FarmHouser (I see that name in the comments section now - someone needs to pay me a royalty for use of that term) endorses someone in a local race, does it help?  Or, do you take notice of that well-respected neighbor, seeing whose political yard sign adorns his lawn?

I'm sure we'll never get to the bottom of who endorsed whom in Tuesday's races.  No local bloggers endorsed a person in the House or Senate race (not saying that would have a major impact on either race, unless King John came out with something, which I doubt he will).  However, the local newspaper, The Crier, has made it quite clear whom it endorses in each race.

Come Thursday afternoon (I'll allow for 24 hour grace period for candidates to clean things up) I hope the city sends out a big truck and crew to pick up all the political signs. 

It's only a primary (but a Democrat stands no chance come November) so I'm not sure there are any victory parties planned for Tuesday night.  I heard there have been hundreds of people either voting early or by absentee ballot, so looks like we will not know winners until Thursday or so.  (if there are parties planned, send me an invite or simply meet me at the Tavern or Mudcatz.  Mellow Mushroom closes too early during the week to be considered a good watering hole on a Tuesday night).

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